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The Knights of the Damned can perform in a fantastic, coloured costumed display of Medieval Jousting at its very best. Consisting of heroic mounted knights and their squires and enhanced by our own commentator the tournament begins with fanfares and introductions and ends with the dramatic thundering of hooves as the knights attempt to unhorse each other in the 'JOUST'. Watch as the knights hone their skills by striking the man-shaped target, the quintain, and attempt to spear peasants heads off the ground at speed. The show also boasts superbly choreographed foot fights with unmercilous swords, flaming fireballs on chains and unyielding quarterstaffs as well as the knights romantically accepting favours from the ladies and fighting for their honour.

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Format and Duration

With over twenty years experience we are able to boast the very best in jousting and medieval entertainment. Offering excellent value for money we can provide a jousting tournament based on the movie 'A Knights Tale' where set to rock and roll music the dashing knights fight for the honour of becoming the World Jousting Champion and lifting the coveted Golden Goblet or we can recreate a more traditional display of the fabled King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table featuring the gallant Sir Lancelot and the more sinister Black Knight, Mordred. The most popular format is either one fifty minute or two twenty five minute shows but we pride ourselves in being truly flexible in our approach and can tailor make our performances to suit your requirements. The Knights of the Damned offer you a complete professional package from the initial enquiry to the taking down of the arena and in-between we will present to your guests and visitors the most breathtaking and spectacular jousting tournament they are ever likely to see.

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Guaranteed Quality

The Knights of the Damned have full public liability insurance cover. We can work virtually in any arena of any show as long as the fencing is secure with barriers or rope and posts. We can also perform in indoor arenas. We are free to discuss becoming residents at your castle to offer jousting on a daily basis as well as being available for all kinds of corporate and promotional work and supplying horses and riders to the TV and Film industry.

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