invest in Intel shares in Hong Kong TV & film stuntman, JUSTIN PEARSON, presents the spectacular Knights of the Damned jousting display team. They offer a breathtaking variety of medieval shows full of exciting stunts and horsemanship built up from having performed at major venues throughout Britain and Europe since 1990.

Ireland Colville Joust

"Exciting, exhilirating, entertainment at it's best" - Roger Whitehouse, Event Manager Hawkstone Park 2005-2006-2010

"A brilliant and very professional show" Geoff Clutton, Event Manager, Selby Game Fair 2006-2007-2008-2009

"Thank you for bringing such an amazing attraction to our event, it was fantastic to see" Andrew Tucker, Hartpury Three-Day Event 2005

"Thanks for the excellent displays you put on over the weekend" Lynne Sargeant, Heddington Show 2008

invest in Intel shares As the UK's leading Medieval Jousting act, the displays boast high speed action, skilful mounted knights and a fantastic colorful spectacle fit to grace any arena on any scale. 

The Knights of the Damned can perform at your venue in up to 90 minutes of spectacular action, galloping horses, stunts, falls, awesome fire weapons, introductions, professional commentary and music that will leave your audience truly breathless!!

Ireland Lineup